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About The Author
This project was written by Simon of BinaryJam.

This has a very nice license but it does require you to attribute me the Author. Something I'm not seeing a lot of out there in the wild, from presenters and code based on this project. You know who you are.

Project Description
This is a Sharepoint Webpart project started on that uses silverlight to display the contents of a sharepoint image library list.

The initial release works with the Silverlight RC1 and Alpha Refresh of the same time period. The Webpart was designed for Sharepoint 2003 but will work in MOSS 2007.

This project is developed in Visual Studio 2003. It is a .NET 1.1 web part. In order to use Team Foundation Server code management with this project you can use the MSSCCI provider for Visual Studio 2003.


Thanks to Microsoft for a great product in Silverlight.
Thanks to Pete Brown a great inspiration and resource and helper in the forums.

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